"$1,500 for a wedding!? That's crazy!" Here is a quick breakdown to explain pricing and why we charge what we charge.

  • iMac 5k - $3,299.00
  • Nikon D850 - $3,296.95
  • Nikon D810 - $2,999.95
  • Sony A7R3 - $2,998.00
  • Macbook Pro - $2,799.00
  • Nikon 70-200 2.8 FL - $2,796.95
  • Atomos Ninja Flame - $1,695.95
  • Nikon 85 1.4G - $1,596.95
  • Sony 24-70 2.8GM - $2,198.00
  • Mavic Pro 2 - $1,828.00
  • Zhyiun Crane 2 - $649.00
  • DJI Ronin S - $749.00
  • Second Shooter - $500.00
  • Nikon SB900 - $499.95
  • Lightroom/Photoshop - $239.88 yr
  • Tascam DR-10L (2) - $199.99 ea
  • iFootage Cobra 2 Strike - $139.00
  • Gorilla Pods (2) - $139.95 ea
  • Music Licensing - $99 yr

Grand Total - $29,064.46

With that being said, that's not even calculating our time, experience, all the odds and ends (batteries, memory cards, cleaners) etc. into the equation. Most days we are with our clients for at least 8-10 hours (if not longer), say we average $1,500 a wedding that's $150 - 187.50/hr. Now, what most people don't take into consideration is how much time we put in afterwards, going through everything, editing and then re-editing just to get that final look we're after, etc. For reference it's pretty much equivalent to the amount of time we spend the day of with you. If it's 8-10, then it usually takes 8-10 hours, if not longer. So now take that $150 - 187.50/hr and now just cut that in half considering we're up to 16-20 hours now $75 - 93.75. Now don't get me wrong, $75-90 an hour sounds great, lets also take into consideration the stress level, taking away our evenings, traveling, skilled trade, etc. While with experience we gain confidence, there is always a fear in the back of your mind wondering if your client isn't going to like your photos or videos, and to capture a once in a lifetime moment that you have ONE shot to get, can be a little scary. Now experience, I've been doing this for 10+ years now and can say without a doubt, my clients love their final results and couldn't be happier with the service they received. Gear, 30k in gear as of today! Little crazy huh? So using our reference number of $1,500, that's 18 weddings before I even make a dime. And I am always upgrading gear, researching new techniques, buying new software, licensing music, etc. 

While I wouldn't change this for the world, as I absolutely love what I do. I just wanted to take the time and explain why we charge what we charge as most don't know the extent we go to, to capture your day to the best of our ability and provide the best results possible! 

Thank you for your time and look forward to working with you!

Sean Scarmack

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