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Frequently Asked Questions???

Q: What packages do you offer?
A: We don't necessarily have "packages", more el la cart style. I've found in the 10+ years I've been doing this, it's best to just let the client pick exactly what they want, that way they're not paying for something extra they don't need just to get something else.

Q: How long does it take to get back our photos or video?
A: On average we try to get teasers sent out within the first 24-48 hours. Video is a little harder to get teasers sent out as it more complexed and takes a lot more time to import/edit, but we do our best to get you something! The final product is finished within 3-4 weeks. We just started offering an expedited service for those who go on honeymoons right after their wedding and want to have their photos to reminisce.

Q: How long are you usually there on our wedding day?
A: That is strictly up to you! We offer options for everything from 1 hour to 10+. Some people have a small ceremony and no reception, while others want everything from them getting their makeup done to the lights go out at the reception. On average I would say 4-6 hours in the most common.

Q: What form of payments do you accept?

A: Cash is king as they say. We also take checks and PayPal.

Q: Do you require a deposit and is it refundable?
A: We do require $100 deposit to hold your day and it is not refundable. Only because weddings are usually booked a year in advance with very little last minute ones. So when we book your day we are given up the opportunity to book someone else, while sometimes we may get lucky and find someone, it's not always guaranteed. Our time is valuable to us and we always try our best to take care of our clients

Q: Do you have backup gear?
A: Sure do! We have three cameras total, countless batteries, memory cards, etc. So if anything were to happen, we have backups that have backups! The last thing we'd ever want is to tell a Bride we can't capture their day because our camera broke/malfunctioned.

Q: How long and how many weddings have you shot?
A: I've been shooting weddings now for 10+ years and have shot just over 100 weddings. We just recently started doing videos this past year and I have already done 5 wedding videos and  7 engagement videos! To say the least, doing videos has taken off for us and people are loving what we are creating!

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